Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Apple's needed featherbook

With all the rumors of impending new iPods and whatnot, what got my attention last month was the whisperings of Apple maybe releasing a ultralight laptop in the near future. They need to take a page from Sony and their newly released VAIO or even from the TX-series or the UX series. Well, maybe not the UX since it looks like a pain in the ass to use for actual normal activity. Even if Sony has sometimes taken a page from Apple, and release something so light that I can throw it into my gadget man bag and not feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. With so many things to tote around these days from digital camera, PDA, power adapters, portable game consoles, portable harddrives, etc. A guy needs to have all his subjectively essential items be as light and durable as possible. Here's hoping Apple doesn't disappoint me. Sony wouldn't be disappointing me so much if they didn't load their notebooks with so much proprietary (buggy) software to handle all the fancy bells and whistles they throw onto their svelte notebooks.

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