Thursday, November 02, 2006

Game consoles revving up for the Season

So for the last year, its all been built up anticipation for this month. This is the month we get to see the next generation video game consoles get rolled out into the market. We, the collective consumer base, can't wait to get our grubby paws on them. But for what purpose? Before the advent of the internet, I could take a good stab at saying most people buying were gamers, but now? I'm going to guess if there is a supply shortage of these things, which is a very likely chance, that more than half of the PS3s and Wiis will be dumped onto eBay and craigslist and will be summarily bought by gamers that are willing to pay 3 or 4 times the amount. Mind you, I'm probably an old school gamer, so I won't be first in line. After all, I enjoy games that are innovative or were for the time. They were fun, and there was some novelty. After playing the 6000th edition of Street Fighter 2 or a knock-off variation of it, I got a little jaded. So what are the breakout games that are going to be released with for each respective system? I haven't been keeping my finger on the gaming pulse these days. In fact after my subscription ran out on Electronic Gaming Monthly years ago, I've kinda lost track of things. Maybe this is a good thing because by the time I get interested in a game, its in the bargain bin or been re-released as a "Greatest Hits" title. There are benefits of not being on the bleeding edge I suppose. I get to sit back, see which games are worth getting, which ones didn't live up to the hype, and which are worth buying the system in the first place. This is what happened when Final Fantasy 7 came out for the PS2 and the sole reason mine was purchased at all. Which is why I'll probably won't be dropping some change on one of these systems until the library has been built out and the prices have been dropped.

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Bart said...

I have to agree, early adopters on games and game consoles get the shaft. It takes time to figure out what's quality and what's a flash-in-the-pan.