Tuesday, January 16, 2007

iPhone isn't the second coming

Now that a week has passed, people have gotten over their initial high of Apple finally announcing an iPhone (I mean, come on, engadget and gizmodo are flying banners at the top of their sites for their coverage), I have somethings that might be reasons NOT to get the iPhone. Of course, there are the usual reasons that a lot of people have been whining about:
  • no 3G
  • only GSM
  • Cingular Only (until 2009)
  • No Third-Party Apps
  • High Price
First thing that gets me is 2 fold. One, I'll reserve my judgement on.

Touchscreens, ok, I'm reserving my judgement on the multi-touch system, but people, myself included want to have tactile feeling when we're pushing buttons. You can't include that in a touch screen unless Apple figures out how to create some elecatrostatic-polymorphic plastic that can morph into buttons based on what's onscreen. Which brings me to my second point. Watching Steve Jobs give all his demos on the keynote, everything needs to be done with two hands. This goes against two principles of the iPods itself, and how most people use phones. They like to use it by using one hand. No one wants to walk around face buried in their iPhone and walk right into something because they had to concentrate using their phone. Also the same reason why Apple had originally had their iPods be completely touch sensitive in their third generation iPod only to "back pedal" and throw the click back into the click-wheels of the fourth gen iPod and on...til now.

Also, screens. Screens are prone to smudge and scratching. Ask anybody that bought a PSP, or even an iPod. Unless Apple was smart enough to acquire this, I smell another class-action lawsuit about people bitching how their iPhone isn't working up to their unattainable expectations.

As for them touting internet browsing. It seems like a nice idea but do I really want to treat a web page like a map where i need to crawl around the page to read snippets about it? I like Opera's approach of screen optimization. After all, mobile browsing should be simple. And the way Apple has approached it seems more of a pain than simplicity.

So, seeing how I'm not willing to switch and pay the price of breaking my T-mobile contract and probably pay twice more for the same type of phone/data service on Cingular, I'll just have to wait for an unlocked version in 2008.

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