Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jobsnote = underwhelming

Talk about underwhelming. Here's the problem, the iPhone...2 weeks before the big launch of something so huge that Apple can't take any risks to steal its own limelight, they had to give us one of the most mediocre keynote events ever... I mean seriously, how can you follow up something as huge of an announcement as the iPhone back in January. You can't. You can't try to top it, you have to give all the fans a snoozer to re-align their expectations. So there was no Macbook Nano, nor was there any new iMacs. There was just a website redesign, some demos of Leopard, and adding Safari to the mix.

My assumption is Apple wants to eventually use Safari to be the trojan horse of whatever the next big web services thing is. Probably once Safari hits version 5 or 6 will it suddenly be interesting. Until then....Zzzzzzzzz...

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