Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm starting to dislike Apple

I remember a time when I was pissed that Microsoft was flexing its monopolistic muscle so much. They had the power and they knew it. They started locking people down with their stupid "Genuine Advantage" activation crap and dictating what people should and shouldn't be doing with their machines. And now Apple is doing the same crap with their iPhones and iPods. Seriously, since they've gotten the power of the mp3 market, they've done their best to muscle out any freedoms their consumers can do with their devices. Why am I paying a buck to make a ringtone out of my own music? And why am I only allowed to do it with what the mafIAA has said could or could not be a ringtone.

I'm kinda annoyed that Apple is doing the same thing with a lot of their practices now. They stood on the shoulders of open source projects because they were the underdog but now they're in a position to do something with that power, they're locking stuff down. I remember Steve Jobs's speech at Stanford about to "stay hungry" and "stay foolish."

Hey Steve, how about Apple stay hungry and stay foolish and be on the side of your users, especially the ones that were with you thick and thin, and not the corporate lawyers and your shareholders.

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Bart said...

Here's my question - if you own a Mac, how hard is it to make your own ringtones anyway?

I saw a clip of 'The Family Guy' that I thought would make a funny ringtone. I found the clip on YouTube, saved the sound to a QuickTime file, and then converted it (using iTunes) to MP3 format. Bluetooth to my phone, and boom, I've got Brian saying "Ring ring, ring ring."

Compared to that, making a ringtone out of an existing music file can't be all that challenging. I think Apple's just charging a 99 cent idiot tax to anyone who can't figure it out for themselves.