Tuesday, October 31, 2006

T-mobile Dash is a blessing and a curse

Having just received the newly T-mobile Dash, I was ecstatic until I found out some of its quirks.

  • If you're not smart enough to fiddle around with it, you won't realize that the phone is shipped with the data settings defaulting to the WAP profile rather than the full blown internet2 profile if you're on the unlimited data plan

  • It doesn't have Dial-Up Networking enabled as a bluetooth profile, which is fine if you're using Windows XP but a big pain in the ass on Mac OSX Tiger (since its not supported), as well as my Nokia Internet Tablet which runs Linux (not supported but apparently if I jump through a bunch of hoops and scripts, I can get it up and running).

  • The Windows Mobile browser, Internet Explorer, is pretty weak when rendering webpages. Which would be fine if there were some alternatives, like Opera's awesome mobile browser, but Opera doesn't support Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition yet.

  • If you're like me and use Mac OSX Tiger rather than WindowsXP as your primary computer, you need something to replace ActiveSync. Most recommend Markspace's Missing Sync but its a piece of junk. Not because it doesn't operate properly, in fact, its pretty piece of software, but it wreaks havoc on my Powerbook's ability to sleep or wake from sleep which require reboots, disk checks, and holding the power button down to shut it down. Its also frozen the powerbook once. I'm not sure I'm going to keep it after the 14 day trial.

  • The JOGGR function which has been disabled on T-mobile's version can be hacked to be used again, and even has a utility out if you're scared to hack the registry. After using it for a bit, I wish HTC (the manufacturer) would've just put in a jog wheel instead.

  • The camera is still crappy as my old phone (Sony Ericsson w600i)

  • There is no 3.5mm headphone jack. You have to use the proprietary earphones that the phone came with, so I can't hook the thing up to my AUX jack in the car.

  • Customizing the home screen can be somewhat a pain in the ass.

  • EDGE Data signal will drop sometimes and will requiring reboots to coax it to reconnect

Even with these quirks, I love the phone. Its slim and pocketable, the QWERTY keyboard is a great feature, the rubbery body is great for gripping, and Windows Mobile is pretty stabled compared to my first Pocket PC device back in 2001. My technolust has been satiated. At least for the time being.

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