Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Yousendit will go the way of the do-do

I used to love using yousendit.com. It was the easiest way to send large files from one person to the next, without the hassle of killing off your email server. But now? They suck. They've scaled back their once 1 gigabyte cap to 100 megabytes, and they're requiring everyone to register if you want in on their service. I don't have a problem with registering, but I do have a problem when they start making you pay for things they were giving away free from the get-go. Its like a bait-and-switch tactic that most consumers hate being taken for. So after getting this email from yousendit:

Your new YouSendIt Lite account is great to send large files but it has its limitations. How would you like a full 30 days of our most powerful service, YouSendIt Business Plus, for free to try the many features that it provides? This is a $29.99 value and you get it absolutely free - no strings attached, no need to enter a credit card number.

Compared to your current Lite account some key advantages of our Business Plus service are:

* Send multiple files at once
* Send files as large as 2 GB
* Track downloads
* Files you send are available for 14 days
* No ads on your pages
* The ability to customize your file deliveries with your brand

WHY?! I recently signed up on xdrive.com for more or less the same service and I get to store 5 gigs on their server. And you know what? Its free. Sure, I have to register with them too and put up with some annoying ads, but its free, and I don't have to pay 30 bucks for the privilege. So, so long yousendit. It was nice knowing while it lasted.

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