Tuesday, November 07, 2006

KRZR worthy of phone lust

Disclosure: I hate Motorola phones. I don't hate them because they're Motorola, nor do I hate their phone design. In fact, they're paying the right guys to design those shells. What I do hate is their phone software. Its clunky and inelegant and completely incongruent to their sexy exteriors. I also hate Verizon. I don't agree with their gated sandbox phone software and CDMA technology that doesn't let you switch from phone to phone on the fly with a SIM card like the GSM system.

Which is why last night before heading to a hockey game, hanging out at a bar, one of the guys we met up with had a Moto KRZR from Verizon. And although only taking a brief moment to hold it in my hand and have him show me some of the features, I want one. I want one in the metaphysical sense though, because no way in hell do I want to sign a 2 year contract to Verizon (see above) and hand over 200 bucks for a tiny phone that I'll end up hating. Especially since the T-mobile Dash I just acquired last week is so much more feature packed and equally techno-lustworthy. I guess its like seeing a really nice luxury car without having to deal with the thousand dollar maintenance fees associated with it. Nice to have, but a pain in the ass to own.

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