Tuesday, November 07, 2006

TV Set-top box

Speaking of walled gardens, driving into work this morning, I heard on NPR that Microsoft has gotten some deals to start delivering content (that's TV shows & Movies) straight to your Xbox via its Xbox Live service. This is all the while that Apple has been taking the last year trying to sweet talk studios to let Apple sell their content on iTunes. I'm guessing that with Microsoft's approach is 1) One more step towards fulfilling Bill Gates's dream of creating the magical box that sits on your TV and handles EVERYTHING. And 2)It lets the studio deliver their stuff without being super paranoid. After all, no one can hack an Xbox360, right?!

I'm sure that's a hurdle to Apple convincing the studios to sell their stuff on iTunes. Since files are being downloaded onto a computer where a user supposedly has a lot of freedom to do with the files what they want, that they're scared its gonna end up on the black market somehow.

Only time will tell who wins the hearts and minds of the capitalistic society of America.

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