Thursday, September 13, 2007

No Ubuntu for me

After a week trying to use Ubuntu on my ultra tiny VAIO and wanting to really like it, I couldn't. I switched back to the evil M$ with much chagrin but Ubuntu just isn't ready for everyday use. And its sad that Windows "just works" better than Ubuntu. Because we all know Windows does not "just work." I really wish there was a polished version of OSX86 out there for my machine.

After reading today's column from Walt Mossberg about how Ubuntu isn't ready for primetime, I feel somewhat vindicated about my decision. First 2 annoyances out of the box with Ubuntu were simple things that should've been thought about from the get-go. Why is there no trackpad support to adjust my trackpad? Why did I have to go into a text editor to configure it?

Second, no GUI for bluetooth networking?! I had to go to a terminal screen, even after I had did a bunch of terminal hacks, to tether to my phone to get online? This was a deal-breaker since I rely on bluetooth quite often and realized this after I had no easy way to access it.

Third, out of the box, none of my videos played properly. Not on VLC, not on mplayer, and not on a couple other players I "apt-getted."

I really wish there was something polished as OSX but in an open-source form, but it just ain't happening. So here I wait, adjusting to landscape that is fraught with frustration.


Jon said...
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daim said...

Maybe if you install the proper codecs for the videos. Used Ubuntu several times and it is a stable and cheap OS, yes it has it's problems , like every OS. But if you know how to install Ubuntu can be a very solid base for home entertainment.

Carl D said...

that's weird, cause i can do more with my ubuntu 8.10 then my windows vista,

okay, you have to put some time in it to discover everything and download all plugins and updates (wich is much easyier then in windows)

i've seen on you picture that you didn't change a thing on you theme, my theme is one of a MAC and it's brilliant!

and you know,
ubuntu is not as good as windows but hey! it's for free !

That's something i don't understand and also explains the power of opensource!

if you make money of an operating system, you can use the money to research things and make much better software,
but linux ubuntu is free for use and it's almost that good!
so where does all that money goes? you would expect that M$ would have a huge advantage and come up with hypernew and groundbraking technology??


criminalmonkey said...

Try linux mint it's created to work out of the box and it's compatible with ubuntu app's
personaly i use puppy linux because i have an 5jear old laptop and i like to start from almost nothing and costumize it
and search the forums to get a good working app
but if you dislike this and if yo want an easy os than linux mint is THE solution because it's created to already have what you need and out of the box software

ps: srr for my bad english
but I'm actualy dutch (belgium not netherlands)

so try it out first in a vm or with the live cd and telll me if you liked :)

ubuntu is just one pinguin its not the only tux
there is a tux for everyone

criminalmonkey said...

almost forgotten
my e-mail is
if you have any questions
don't mind the spam it isn't my messengers mail just an account for internet use
but i do check it
so if you have a question mail me